Tree Pruning Methods

One of the key questions about tree trimming with the least possible damage to the plant is the time, the right time to do it – when the branches are new. As it was presented in the previous article, many trees in big cities all over the world were compromised in their sanity due to pruning of large branches, not allowing the tree to heal without first being invaded by enemies. Sometimes these pruning mistakes lead to the need of removing the tree through the use of specialized tree removal service, which costs money.

Get to know how to do propertree pruning

The best tree pruning is the training, to condition the development of the plant and its adaptation to the urban condition. It should be done when the branches have enough diameters to be cut with sharp pruning shears, that is, young ones. In that case, the tree heals the wound quickly, and remains healthy. And the proper time is when the plant is at rest, which varies according to species. Below are some pictures to illustrate.

When you do the tree pruning at the right time and size, the tree grows as planned and can perform its functions in the city without suffering major future mutilations, saving time, money and preventing accidents. For this there must be a periodic maintenance of the post-planting plants, which is not difficult, since a technician with pruning shears can perform the service quickly. If you are not so sure on how to do this, you can always hire a tree company. More details!

Special tips for tree pruning

What is the interval indicated between one tree pruning and another? How to cut each species? Find out the best techniques and special tips for you to keep your plants always looking their best!

Tree pruning

  • The purpose of tree pruning is to control the size and shape of plants, as well as to encourage flowering and fruiting.
  • It is important to remove broken or diseased branches because they take away the force of the plant and still hinder the access of light and air inside the canopy. By cutting them just above a gem (small knot), a new branch will be born. To eliminate the whole branch, cut close to the stem or to the larger branch. Dried leaves and withered flowers should also be removed. In the case of big trees, you can count with the help of a tree trimmingcompany.
  • Some trees usually produce a branch that differs from others because it is large, vigorous, and growing far superior to others. Called thief-twig, it steals the strength of the other branches and disrupts the development of the plant. Cut it gently to the trunk. Its simple withdrawal already causes the plant to bloom and fruit more.

The bottom line

If even with these tips you still do not feel safe to do the tree trimming then you do not have to worry. There are specialized companies that can do the work for you. It is easy enough to find a good tree removal service. Click here for more information:

Why Should You Get Regular Tree Trimming?

Homeowners don’t consider tree trimming even though they have an overgrown tree on their property. Why? For some, they think it’s too much hassle and for others, they think it’s not necessary. It’s easy to see why thousands don’t take much notice of trees because you’d think they maintain themselves, but that’s not the case. Trees require care and attention, but unfortunately, they don’t get it and it’s a problem for most property owners. However, do you think about regular tree trimming? No? Well, it’s time to do so and here are a few reasons why you should!

Keeps a Tree Healthy

Trees can become overgrown and unkempt, and while you might think they just don’t look nice, it’s a more serious problem than you realize. How so? Trees with broken or damaged branches can’t be repaired and they can grow so they start to die out and that’s bad. Also, a tree can get out-of-control and cause no end of problems for the property owner and much more. However, a tree company can trim the tree and keep it healthy. It is possible and it’s something you need to consider too. Basic trimming can help keep a tree healthy and in the best possible condition. You might not think so, but it’s true and that’s something you need to consider also. Click here!

Looks Better

Overgrown trees look bad. They are not only unhealthy but extremely unkempt and it’ll not be the best for your property. However, simple tree trimming can allow a property to look better, including the tree! Yes, you might think it’s not necessary to maintain a tree, but it is and it’s something you need to do. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either, and that’s important to remember. A good tree service or company can help maintain a tree and keep the property look better too.

Maintenance Is Essential For A Tree

Do you think a tree requires a lot of maintenance? You’d probably think it wouldn’t be necessary and that a tree can look after itself. However, the reality is a tree needs care and attention. You can’t allow a tree to get out-of-control, otherwise it’ll end up in a terrible state. Simple tree maintenance can make all the difference and a tree company can help to keep things looking good. Of course, it might seem like a hassle to you, but, you don’t need to do the work yourself. Call in an expert and get the job done.

Keep Your Home Looking Beautiful

Properties with trees, bushes and flowers can look amazing – but only when they’re well kept. Unfortunately, thousands of homeowners don’t maintain their properties well enough and are left disappointed with the results. That’s why a professional service is required and it’s not as difficult as you might think either, to get a company in. Professional tree services will maintain the property and ensure all trees are pruned and trimmed exactly as needed. Tree trimming is a necessity and a lot easier to do than you think, so look after your property’s trees. For more information visit:

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Tree Care Service


With regards to tree care, a few employments are too enormous and excessively risky, or simply need proficient ability to keep the tree solid. My standard guideline: except if you can work with the two feet on solid land, you should contact an expert tree service.

  1. Will they give a forward-thinking endorsement of protection and a duplicate of their work contract? This ought to be your first and most significant inquiry. You need to guarantee they are appropriately protected and that you won’t be at risk for harm, mishaps or wounds.
  2. What are their qualifications? Attempt to procure a company with an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) guaranteed arborist, a Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Accredited Business or one utilizing a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional (CTSP). Will they work in nearness to electrical conduits? Assuming this is the case, they should be Approved Line-Clearance Arborists.
  3. Would they be able to give a rundown of references? Any quality company will be glad to share a rundown of fulfilled clients. Request clients that they have done work for in the previous month or somewhere in the vicinity; you don’t need old history. See more!
  4. Will they give you a nitty-gritty gauge? Get composed evaluations from three equivalent organizations to look at costs and comprehend the extent of the activity, which leads to the following inquiry.
  5. By what means will the activity be drawn closer and what hardware will they use? You don’t need gigantic power gear rolling over your grass and flowerbeds causing inadvertent blow-back superfluously. In the event that they are going over your grass, ensure they know the areas of sprinkler heads or different articles that might be harmed. What is their strategy in the event that they harm something and is it worth to you? It might be a smart thought to photo the zone before work starts so you have a record in the event that there is harm. Ensure you see how they will tidy up during and after the activity.
  6. To what extent will the venture take? This is the reason for getting a gauge is convenient. One company may state three days while another company says three hours.
  7. Does the company seem proficient? What does their company truck resemble, is it very much dealt with? Is the truck clean and fit as a fiddle? In the event that they don’t deal with their gear, do you figure they will deal with your tree and property? Do they have a site? Structure and substance can give you a feeling of their demonstrable skill, as can the presence of the vehicles they use on occupations. That can give you a thought of how they maintain their business.
  8. Do they use spikes to climb trees while pruning? Except if you’re evacuating the trees, request they not utilize spikes, which causes undesirable injuries.
  9. Do they publicize “besting” (expelling live areas from the highest point of the tree)? This is another poor practice, especially for enormous, solid hardwood trees and would demonstrate that you should proceed with your pursuit.
  10. Will the team use hardhats and other individual defensive gear while on your property? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) necessitates that individual defensive hardware is utilized for any tree care activity. A legitimate tree care service will require their laborers to be ensured. For more information visit:


It’s critical to secure yourself and your property by contracting tree care proficient for risky employments. It’s similarly imperative to secure yourself and your “tree venture” by asking these best ten significant inquiries. For more data, including assets to enable you to discover a tree care service,

Tend to Your Trees in Fall: Rest Easy All Winter

autumn is the ideal time to schedule a tree removal service. You need to feel sure they will climate any winter storms and be in the perfect shape for spring recovery. There are numerous exciting points when prepping and molding trees for their season of dormancy. Plan early,and you’ll guarantee you’ve secured everything about!


Fall is an excellent time for tree pruning. As the red, orange and gold leaves drop; the open trunk discloses a reasonable visual to distinguish any auxiliary shortcoming. Once the tree’s limb structure is unmistakable, the spread of specific malady pathogens and additionally, creepy crawly pervasions, is more improbable. Trimming stable trees gives the ideal setup to lively blossoming in spring. For trees in a bad position, an early appraisal allows for cabling, supporting and additionally, expulsion if vital. The exact opposite thing you need is the risk of a basically unsound tree and the stress you’ll confront each time the climate individual figures a winter storm!


Perseveringly inspect your trees for creepy crawlies and infections and treat likewise.
  • Examine for: emerald fiery debris borer, scale, bugs, bind bugs or bark scarabs. Check leaves for staining, borer gaps, sudden diminishing,andstrange leaf estimate.
  • Check trunk and branches for openings, frass on the storage compartment and lifting roots.
  • Long stretches of the dry season have set up the “ideal tempest” for these scourges to wreck ruin and sometimes, the trees will be excessively harmed, making it impossible to spare.

Subsurface Watering

Utilizing an infusion test, appropriate water all through the main 12 crawls of soil. This is where your tree needs a “drink” the most. The moderate infusion strategy sidesteps reasonable invasion rates of lands with high dirt substance and the infusion of water under strain into the dirt can help in soil compaction alleviation. With the help of a tree removal service,this is possible. This watering strategy is ideal for trees without water system frameworks, evergreen trees in danger from seasonal drying conditions and recently planted trees that need impermanent help from dry spell pressure. See more.


Following a long, sweltering summer, trees require more than water. Broadened times of warmth debilitate trees, making them more vulnerable to invasions. Secure the long-haul wellbeing of your trees and help them in weathering the winter by mulching and treating. A moderate discharge compost can supplant lost supplements in the dirt and enhance protection from harm from a brutal winter. Astounding, natural mulch improves the earth around the tree, moderates soil dampness and gives weed control.  Hire the best tree removal service

Winter storms accompany enough stress…icystreets travel limitations, school terminations… you would prefer not to be overcome with musings of falling fallen trees! Our tree removal service is instructed experts who can rapidly survey your trees wellbeing and give you a legit, reasonable gauge for the benefit. Call us today and after that twist up by a comfortable chimney and breathe a sigh of relief as tree removal service makes his yearly visit.

Tree Trimming And Pruning Myths

Tree Trimming And Pruning Myths

Tree pruning specialists always emphasize how important pruning is to a tree in different aspects of its life. Arborists work on pruning because it will help trees better withstand storms, grow healthily and avoid infections from bugs and disease. There is a difference between pruning’s and trimming procedures in that trimming is mostly for aesthetic reasons while pruning is mostly about the tree’s overall health. Despite those differences you will hear several myths that have to do with tree pruning. Some are so widespread that people believe them and never question how much truth there is behind those statements. Here are the top common myths that you will hear about pruning. click here for more details.

Myth #1: Trees Grow Fine Without Pruning

Most people will look at the trees in a forest setting and think that trees always grow great naturally. The only problem with that assertion is that the trees in a more urban setting will always have different needs. Arborists will tell you that trees in a city like Austin are exposed to different things than those that you would find in wooded areas and that means that pruning may be the one way that you have to keep them looking great at all times.

Myth #2: Healing A Tree By Cutting Close To The Trunk

Another myth that specialists will disavow is the one that says that if you cut close to the trunk the tree will heal faster. It is important to understand that healing trees is kind of a myth itself. They don’t heal the same way that a person would and that is why pruning is important. You are removing the infected parts so that your tree can grow better and without the disease anymore. That is why pruning is different than tree trimming services that only serve to have your tree look better.

Myth #3: Pruning Wounds And Wound Dressing

Dressings are petroleum-based products just like sealants and they are used in freshly cut wood in order to prevent insect infestation or decay. However, it is important to understand that some studies have shown that using this type of dressing can cause the moisture to be sealed in and therefore cause decay anyway. Eventually, using these products can cause different cracks which may expose your tree to different pathogens. New layers of wood are also slowed down when you use wound dressings or similar products. for more details, visit :

Tree Trimming And Pruning Myths

Myth #4: Spring Pruning

No matter what services you are looking for, be it pruning, trimming or other services the professionals will be glad to address myths regarding spring pruning. The idea is that some trees like birches and maples bleed out when cuts are done early in the spring. The type of bleeding that you see from pruning is usually not important to the overall health of the tree. There are, of course, a few exceptions but your trees can be pruned at any time of the year. The best times to prune your trees are after the flowering period and while the trees are in dormancy.

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